5 Reasons Why Disability Insurance is a Must

5 Reasons Why Disability Insurance is a Must

Having second thoughts about getting disability insurance? Not to worry. Most who are not familiar with the benefits may not feel the need to apply if they are in good health. However, such a policy holds many smart financial decisions beyond health issues. Here are five reasons why disability insurance is a must: 


    • It works as a partial income. 
      If you are working and your family depends on you, you are considered an important asset. Even if you are an independent household, you are still an asset. So, what happens when you become injured on the job? Your emergency savings might only get you so far. By having disability insurance rather short-term or long-term, it works as a partial income. This means that a portion of your paycheck will be in your hands without having to worry about how your bills will be paid. 


    • Covers more than just injuries.Disability insurance is not always intended for common injuries such as car accidents. It also covers an array of health issues such as heart disease and diabetes when a person falls ill. During unpredicted times, it is best to have insurance that can cover the unprecedented scenarios. 


    • The sooner you apply, the better. There are many reasons why applying for disability insurance sooner is better than waiting. You can apply as young as the age of eighteen or when you have an income. This will ensure that even if you are not injured and get sick, you will be qualified to receive help. There are also waiting periods that come with short-term disability insurance, meaning that the long-term plans will begin as soon as the coverage from the short-term is over. 


    • Great for labor workersThe probability of you getting hurt while in an office job is less likely than someone who works a labor job. Disability insurance is a must for employees in industries such as construction, demolition, roadwork or carpentry, to name a few. Regardless, anyone in any occupation should get a plan that works best with the help of a consultant


    • You are in control of the coverage you want.

You can choose which type of disability policy you want. Many factors can help our consultants get a better picture of what policy would work best, but in the end, you are in control of how much coverage you receive.


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