6 Signs It’s Time to Start Thinking About Life Insurance

6 Signs It’s Time to Start Thinking About Life Insurance

Life can get pretty hectic between work, family and social life. But let’s not forget about the important things that may go unnoticed such as life insurance. Though it may seem ages away, here are six signs it’s time to start thinking about it now!


  • Your Family Depends on You 


If you consider yourself the breadwinner of your family, then your family members most likely depend on you for financial support. Families also grow throughout time, making life insurance an important asset towards your beneficiaries. Even if you work and have a stable income, you can still get life insurance. Life insurance will pay for expenses your children will need such as child care or after school programs.


  • You Are Single


Are you married or single? We are here to tell you both matter when it comes to having life insurance. Some single individuals may not have a family due to the fact that they have passed away or do not have any contact with them. Plan ahead and secure funeral expenses and any co-signed debt you may have with a trusted friend or family member. 


  • Your Employer is Limited to What They Can Give You 


More often than not, your employer may offer you life insurance but only for a limited amount of years and limited coverage. You will quickly realize that the amount of years that is being covered is never enough. Think of life insurance as a bonus of one to thirty years of secure coverage until it expires. For even more confidence, consider choosing whole life insurance which you guessed it, will cover you permanently. 


  • You Have No Retirement or Savings Plan


Living every day in uncertainty puts you and your loved ones at risk. That is where life insurance brings you peace of mind. It works as a savings plan for cash value that can be split between you and your beneficiaries. While life insurance does not completely cover a retirement plan, the money accrued for a permanent policy will allow you to use the cash value towards a retirement plan. 


  • You Consider Yourself Young and Healthy 


Many Millennials believe that life insurance only works towards the elderly. But surprisingly, even if you are young and healthy, getting life insurance at an early age is even more beneficial. For example, if you have student loans that must be paid even after the time of death, whole life insurance will age with you and can help your loved ones pay for any money owed.


  • You Think Life Insurance is Expensive


How many times have you seen commercials for car insurance but never as much as for life insurance? Your life is more important than that car you drive every day! Term life insurance is the most affordable type of insurance you can have. Make sure you add this policy to your priority list. 


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