Cancer Insurance for the Millennial

Cancer Insurance for the Millennial

1.6 million new cancer cases are diagnosed each year. The patients faced with these diagnoses can be any age, race or gender — the fact of the matter is that cancer doesn’t discriminate, and anyone can be at risk for this devastating disease. Even the youngest and healthiest of people can face a cancer diagnosis. Many millennials happen to be cancer patients, which leads to a host of difficult questions for this generation that is just starting to get a hang of adulthood.


Many cancer patients wonder how they will pay for their treatments, or how they will even be able to work as they face what sometimes feels like countless doctor appointments, surgeries, hospital stays and chemotherapy treatments. Unfortunately, sometimes cancer patients are forced to foot the bill of many of these treatments, as their current medical plans may not be able to cover some of the specialized treatments associated with cancer care. We don’t think that this should be the case. That’s why we provide cancer insurance.


Cancer insurance covers the costs that many medical plans might not. It even covers costs that wouldn’t be associated with your health care, like travel expenses during treatments, child care and daily living expenses. Cancer insurance can lift the financial burden off of a family that is already grappling with the difficulty of a cancer diagnosis, and allow them to focus on their most important task at hand — beating cancer.


While many millennials may think that cancer insurance is a beneficial service for others, but not necessarily themselves, this isn’t actually true. No matter your age, cancer insurance can be a beneficial addition to your financial care package. Cancer doesn’t discriminate, in fact, 1 in 2 men have a risk of developing it at some point in their life and 1 in 3 women also have a chance at developing this disease. Think to yourself for a moment about if you know anyone close to you that’s been faced with a cancer diagnosis — it’s very, very likely that you have someone who immediately came to mind.


Cancer doesn’t discriminate by age, or by your level of health. You could be running marathons and following the healthiest diet, and you could still find yourself diagnosed with cancer. Because of this, we recommend cancer insurance to everyone — yes, even millennials. This insurance can cover you in case the worst case scenario happens. We certainly hope that you’ll never have to use it, but in the situation that you do need to use this insurance — we are sure you’ll be happy you purchased it when you did.


Every millennial should consider adding cancer insurance to their financial care package. While you might not be able to control whether or not you are diagnosed with cancer, you can control your preparation and finances for the future. In the case that you find yourself one day battling cancer, you’ll be able to focus on your fight instead of your finances thanks to the decision you made years ago.

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