Why Care Financial?

Since 1985 Care Financial has been a privately owned and operated business providing families, individuals, and businesses with comprehensive wealth management strategies. We are able to offer our clients a broad, personalized service because of our relationships with many major providers. Our proven track record has earned us positions with hundreds of various financial institutions allowing us to offer our clients the best strategies on the market for reaching their goals.

Everyone’s needs vary so we use a Financial House to properly position our client’s needs for financial independence. With this we can show you the importance of a Solid Foundation and with that the endless possibilities. A Financial House is structured into four rooms; Emergency, Opportunity, Retirement, and Investment. If these four rooms are properly structured and you also apply a roof that will protect you from Taxation and Inflation, we can assure you financial success.

Here is how the Financial House Works:

  • Emergency
    We recommend you save 3-6 months of income to provide cash for emergencies.
  • Opportunity
    Take advantage of high risk/ high reward opportunities. This is the highest potential investment return with little concern for principal.
  • Retirement
    Create a plan to provide adequate income during retirement. Select a plan with growth potential during accumulation with no risk to principal.
  • Investment
    Maximize your wealth accumulation to supplement your retirement. Select a plan with full growth potential with minimal market risk.

When looking for a financial service team, you can be assured that Care Financial will be the one that can help you reach all of your financial dreams. Our company has been serving the Greater Gulf Coast Area for more than thirty years and has the staff and resources to serve individuals and large corporations. Take a look at some of the services we provide to set you up for financial success!


Care Financial uses a consultative approach when working with clients. We believe in educating and informing our client’s verses just selling. Educating our clients and listening to their needs helps us create the best strategies in achieving a client’s goal.

At Care Financial what we offer is complimentary consulting for individuals and organizations. We will perform a benefits analysis or leverage with corporate partners to bring about an effective solution to address your benefits problems and needs.

With each complimentary consulting service we will recommend and provide an array of solutions and products that best meet your needs. Being independent allows us to deliver solutions from several different product and service platforms.

If you agree with our assessment then we will ask to be your service provider for some or all of the product and service recommendations.


We want to help make your organization’s enrollment process a success from the beginning. Let us help take the hassle, chaos, and confusion out of it for you and your employees’.

We pride ourselves by getting things right the first time and have a unique approach to accomplish this goal for the organizations we partner with. By doing it right the first time this saves us and you, the employer, time and money.

We invite you to call us for a no-hassle interview to see if we could be the solution you have been looking for.


Setting up a benefits package can be very overwhelming and frustrating for your employees between retirement plans and multiple insurance options. Many do not even know where to begin and will be less likely to enroll in anything.

Let us empower your employees by educating them on all of the benefits options available that your company has selected. Our experts can provide a presentation that will effectively communicate the benefits choices your employees have without the high-pressure sales tactics used by some insurance and financial companies.

Care Financial has been developing communication pieces for companies for years. After we make a group benefits presentation we always get rave reviews and employees coming up to us after the presentation thanking us for the education that we deliver.

For anyone to succeed you must have a plan and be educated on all options. Please let Care Financial help your employees plan their insurance and financial future.