Care Financial Pascagoula, MS

Pascagoula is located in southern Mississippi with a little over 24,000 residents and is rated number six for the best places to live in the Jackson County area.

Nestled around a diverse town, it is considered to be family-friendly with plenty of nearby schools while the cost of living is affordable. 



Surrounded by oak trees in a tranquil rural living area, Pascagoula is home to many and new to others. It holds many history ruins while trying to captivate the architectural southern structures. 

Residents and tourists also enjoy:

  • Parks and outdoor recreations
  • Restaurants and shopping
  • Biking trails 
  • Art performances 
  • Music festivals 
  • Children sport camps 
  • Man made islands 
  • Visiting historic museums

City Safety Protocols 

  • Pascagoula does its best to keep citizens safe by taking action on city safety protocols. There are a number of divisions that work together with the police force as they ensure a high level of a nationally accredited agency. 
  • Care Financial works in a similar way in the sense that you can expect security with safe financial planning. When you create a plan with one of our advisors, all personal information is kept confidential. We guarantee our clients they can obtain financial success as we guide them with professional insights and tools that are worthy of their time. 

A Community Built for Opportunity

Many Americans see themselves retiring early or having their debt paid off and being financially free. As the community of the city strives to find expert guidance, Care Financial is there to help. 

  • Care Financial connects you to an in-house certified planner.  
  • We then help clients create a plan for goals on investing, taxes and retirement

Pascagoula brings financial stability to many residents in the following areas:

  • More job opportunities available 
  • Variety of job industries (transfers included)
  • Affordable housing
  • Senior health and safety local services
  • Regular city and youth council meetings to make project improvements
  • Growing economy 

Healthcare System Involvement

  • Pascagoula cares for its residents and its healthcare system. In the Mississippi Gulf Coast you will find nearby:
  • Medical clinics, hospitals, specialty centers, rehab centers, retail pharmacies and hospice locations
  •  At Care Financial, we offer more than ordinary medical programs. As you work with a financial planner on an estimated budget, a policy that is fit for your lifestyle and needs will be assigned by an agent to you.


If you reside in the Pascagoula area, we would love for you to obtain more information on our financial services. Care Financial is a privately owned and operated business providing families, individuals and businesses with comprehensive wealth management strategies. Contact us online at or call us at 251-633-7122.