Why You Need a Cancer Insurance Policy

The phrase “you have cancer” is something you never want to hear yourself or for a loved one. Imagine receiving a diagnosis only to discover all of the out-of-pocket expenses you will incur over time. The expenditures from travel expenses, copayments and deductibles will add up very quickly. And while you may have health insurance, a cancer insurance policy will help supplement the costs not covered by your plan. Find out more about how this policy will help you and family cope, financially, in the event of a cancer diagnosis.

What is Cancer Insurance?

A cancer insurance policy is a type of supplemental plan that can help fill in the gaps in your existing health insurance coverage. This policy will provide beneficial financial assistance in the event your basic health insurance stops paying benefits due to policy limits, or if certain expenses are not paid due to lack of coverage. Cancer insurance policies vary on types of coverage and the amount the insurer disperses. Some policies pay a lump sum after the diagnosis while other policies will pay for certain medical treatments and expenses for care. This amount can be paid to the provider or to you. You also have the option of selecting coverage for your family or opting for an individual policy.

What Does it Cover?

Financial worry is the last thing anyone needs on top of a cancer diagnosis. A person’s mind may instantly be filled with worry about how to pay everyday expenses on top of medical bills. A cancer insurance policy will help cover any medical and non-medical costs. This can be anything from hospital stays, medical treatments and procedures, to prescriptions, child care, travel and lodging costs, co-pays and deductibles. This policy helps cover anything that you may otherwise could not afford.

Why You Should Consider a Cancer Insurance Policy

Anyone with a family history of cancer is generally at a higher risk of developing the disease. Environmental factors and poor health habits may also play a role in a cancer diagnosis as well. This is why it is so important to consider a cancer insurance policy. Whether your family history is free of the disease or you consider yourself pretty healthy, cancer can strike anyone at any time.

Battling cancer is a struggle for anyone. Do not go through it worrying about the substantial cost of treatment. Talk to one of our professionals at Care Financial about a cancer insurance policy for the financial security you and your family need.

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