Why You Should Choose Care Financial

Why You Should Choose Care Financial

For over 30 years, the dedicated staff at Care Financial have been helping the people and organizations of Mobile with their wealth management services. We work with several major providers who are the best in the industry and offer the best financial products on the market. This gives our clients the ability to maximize their goals and achieve financial success. If you need assistance in designing a wealth management plan for you or your organization, then read more on why you should select Care Financial.

Structured Financial Solutions
When you begin down the road of financial independence you will need someone there to help guide the way. It’s not an easy decision and it normally requires twists and turns you may be prepared for. At Care Financial, we offer support to our clients by providing a structured solution called the Financial House. In our Financial House, you find the four rooms that are designed to put you on the path to financial success.

  • Emergency – Start an emergency savings account that has 3 to 6 months of living expenses. This will help provide cash for emergency situations.
  • Opportunity – Invest in high risk/reward opportunities. Look for investments that could pull the highest return for your dollar.
  • Retirement – Devise a structured plan that will deliver an adequate income during your retirement. Choose a plan that will grow and accumulate a large return without risk to the principal.
  • Investment – Turn your investment into retirement wealth by selecting a plan with growth potential. An investment with a large return will help supplement your income.

Complimentary Consultation
We know that financial planning can seem like an overwhelming endeavor. There are investment strategies and insurance policies that have a language most people struggle to understand. We offer our clients a complimentary consultation that will help guide and educate you about our services and investment plans. If your organization has concerns about benefits, our consultation practice will address any questions you may have.

Enrollment Assistance
The enrollment process can be confusing and hectic for those unfamiliar with the process. We want to make the transition easy and hassle-free for you and your employees by offering enrollment assistance. This way, you get all the help you need before, during and after the enrollment. We take pride in offering a policy of doing things right the first time which saves you and your business time and money.

At Care Financial, we want to be your partner in establishing a financial success for your future. Discover the wealth of possibilities you can offer yourself and your organization by choosing Care Financial. We invite you to contact us today about discussing your financial future.
Care Financial is a privately owned and operated business providing families, individuals and businesses with comprehensive wealth management strategies. Contact us online at www.carefinancialonline.com or call us at 251-633-7122.