Insurance Policies You Didn’t Know You Need

Insurance Policies You Didn’t Know You Need

Having to decide from different insurance policies can be confusing. Which ones do you need and which ones should you consider? Not to worry! We’ve got the information on learning the best insurance policies that are right for you, plus an insider’s perspective on policies you didn’t even know you needed. 

Cancer Insurance You might hear it all the time on TV, or maybe know someone who has cancer. You might even think to yourself, “I already have health insurance, so this should cover it for those worst-case scenarios”. The truth is, not all medical plans cover all cancer treatments, chemotherapies or even co-pays. Cancer insurance is great to have for both you and your family because it covers not only medical expenses but also childcare and daily living expenses if necessary.

Disability Insurance When disability insurance comes to mind, so might the stereotypical thought of elderly individuals. But what if we told you that younger-aged people should have a disability policy in place before the age of 67? Disability insurance covers illnesses that are used more than physical disabilities or injuries. Factors to consider when applying are job occupations and age. The rates will vary based on certain conditions, but should nonetheless be used to cover bills when you are hurt or sick. 

Long-term Care We already discussed disability insurance, so what’s the difference in long-term care? Well, long-term care insurance, as you might have guessed, is good for a long period of time. It provides an income for illnesses or unexpected accidents. It also applies towards nursing assistance aid that would not otherwise get fully covered by Medicare. When considering a long-term care policy, it is also good to think about when adding joint policies for even more coverage for your loved ones. Remember, do not wait until the last minute to get long-term care because it is cheaper with younger demographics and under healthier living conditions. 

Life insurance Not many people like to talk about it, but life insurance is such an essential policy everyone should have. Life insurance works as a financial aid towards your loved one after death and can either be used temporarily (term life) or permanently (whole life insurance). It is also important to talk about beneficiaries with your family or with a trustee. The good thing about a life insurance policy is that it does not lose its value, and it can work as a powerful set of financial alternatives such as using it for retirement for future purposes. 

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